Manly Memorial Baptist Church  is a loving, Christian community that has been in existence in Lexington, Virginia since 1841. 

If your are looking for a place where you will be welcomed and received warmly, lovingly and openly, and a place where you can strengthen and develop a relationship with God and with others who are also seeking to glorify and praise the Lord, then please take a look around.
Better yet, come and visit us here in Lexington!

Thank you for visiting our website and may God Bless you in your search to find a place to worship Him. 


Sunday Worship Service, Apr 23rd

Call to Worship     Celebrate Jesus     Meador-Steele Handbell Choir

Children's Anthem

Anthem    The Lamb Upon the Throne       Choir

 Scripture: John 21:2-19
Message:  “What Will You Do With Easter?”       Dr J. Michael Wilkins
HANDS-ON-WORSHIP  for children

Worship Service Location through May 14

Due to the renovation of the sanctuary, we will be meeting
in the Fellowship Hall for our 11:00 am Worship Service.
The Sanctuary doors will be locked and everyone is asked to enter from the parking lot entrance.

For those of you who can not get down the stairs or wish to not use the elevator,
you will be able to watch the service via video feed on a TV set up in the backpack room.

Manly Memorial Baptist Church
202 S. Main St., Lexington, VA 24450

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